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About Us

About Us

We are a family business that has become an important supplier to the packaging industry sanitary and industrial metal and plastic containers.

We take advantage of the characteristics and benefits of both metal and plastic, in their ability to protect our customers' products and be friendly to the planet.

Our philosopy

Whether food or delicate materials are involved, the products that use our packaging demand maximum reliability. In addition, each member of the company is responsible for the safety, security and impeccable quality of all the products we offer, to ensure that they fulfil their in the best of conditions.

Sustainable development

Our packaging solutions are manufactured with infinitely recyclable materials and take advantage of all the benefits this material offers to preserve the planet, reduce waste and protect our customers' products.

Our attitude

We also believe that our values of proximity, reliability and respect for the human being will guarantee our longevity and satisfaction of our customers' needs.

That's why our passion for what we do and our unique attitude have driven our growth through time.


Our experience backs us up
Committed to the environment